Perfect Your Diet to Protect Your Oral Health

Helping the Moore Community Improve Oral Health

It’s no secret that your diet and nutrition are directly related to your oral health and immune system. So if you’re concerned about the long-term health of your mouth, consider making a few simple changes to your eating habits. Balance is the key concept to understand as you explore ways to improve the quality of your diet. Balance in the case of a healthy diet means a little bit of everything instead of too much of anything. However, there are two things you should try to avoid - large amounts sugar and acidic foods and drinks.

Bacteria Feeds on Sugar

Sugar may provide us with that small moment of pleasure and satisfaction as it first lands in our mouth, but the following chain of events is one of the main reasons cavities form. The reason? Well, bacteria release a specific acid when they feed on sugar. That acid is responsible for digging through your teeth's enamel (the protective outer layer), resulting in cavities, tooth decay, and discoloration. The solution is simple, limit your sugar intake and continue practicing healthy hygiene habits.