Oral Sedation

Two Forms of Dental Sedation to Optimize Comfort

Dental Sedation is Used to Alleviate Anxiety in Patients

Here at Perfect Smiles, we’re well aware that the dentist can be a significant cause of anxiety for many. That’s why we prioritize the health and comfort of our patients over everything else. We offer multiple sedation options to ensure patients feel at ease about their dental procedures, including oral sedation (pill) and nitrous oxide. Let’s take a look at the advantages of both options.

oral sedation

Key Advantages to Oral Sedation

No Needles Requires

Needles are responsible for a large share of dental anxiety. Intravenous sedation (IV) can be acutely uncomfortable, even painful, calling for an alternative like oral and nitrous sedation for anxiety-prone patients.

FDA Approved

Patients can breathe easy knowing the FDA approves all oral sedatives used in dentistry. No negative side-effects in sight.

Awake and Responsive

While amnesia is common after oral sedatives wear off, patients will remain awake and somewhat responsive during the procedure. This makes it easier for the dentist because you’ll still be able to follow instructions.

Little to No Memory of Procedure

A strong dose of oral sedatives will cause patients to forget most, if not all, of what transpired throughout their dental procedure. This is an ideal scenario for patients who are generally uncomfortable at the dentist.

Key Advantages to Nitrous Oxide

Instant Pain Relief

Nitrous oxide is fast-acting because the gas enters the bloodstream seconds after inhalation. Nitrous oxide’s pain-killing properties are powerful, protecting the patient from unpleasant sensations.

Drive Yourself Home

The effects of nitrous oxide fade almost immediately after the gas is shut off, allowing patients to regain their wakefulness and drive home.

Relieve Dental Anxiety

Even the most severe anxiety is no match for nitrous oxide. Patients can fully relax and embrace their dental procedures under nitrous oxide, making it a truly excellent sedation option for many.

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