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Perfect Smiles Restorative Dentistry

Set Your Smile Up for Success for Years to Come

Our passionate team of dentists, orthodontists, and specialists are always working towards perfecting your smile down to every last detail. We work to create the most youthful smiles for patients whose natural teeth need fillings, crowns, cosmetic changes, or replacement. After two decades and thousands of satisfied clients, we know what you’re looking for in your local Moore dentist.

No smile is beyond our capacity to completely fix or significantly improve, so don’t stress if your teeth are badly damaged or missing. Perfect Smiles Dentistry will offer affordable paths forward that will restore your smile to health, give you back your strong bite, and enhance your speaking ability with advanced prosthetics.

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Restorative Services offered at Perfect Smiles Family Dentistry

Fillings & Cavities

Fillings are essential preventative services that limit your chances of disease or further damage. If cavities aren’t addressed promptly, more invasive procedures, like root canals may be required.

Dental Implants

Our specialists will advise you on whether you need complete dental implants or partial dentures, how much dental implants cost, and present you with a unique restorative dental plan.


Many factors determine whether patients need partial dentures instead of complete implants. The good news is our team can quickly determine the right option for you.

Dental Crowns

The purpose of dental crowns is twofold: they save your natural teeth while offering an enhanced appearance. Wondering how much crowns cost? Let’s chat about your options.


Bonding is the restorative practice most commonly used to repair small chips or broken teeth. The missing portion of enamel is recreated using composite materials and then bonded to the fractured tooth.


A bridge is a series of interconnected composite teeth that span a gap in the gums. Crowns hold the bridge in place on either side of the gap. Bridges are often selected as alternatives to implants and separate crowns.

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Perfect Smiles in Moore, OK, is for patients of all ages, offering complete, comprehensive dental and orthodontic care. At Perfect Smiles, we offer preventative dental & orthodontic health care, including checkups, oral health consultations, and necessary treatment. We teach children and adults alike about oral hygiene so our community can maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for life.

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