Disease Prevention

Prevent Gum Disease & Cavities with Consistent Care

Helping the Moore Community Improve Oral Health

Taking good care of your teeth daily is a small price to pay for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. There’s no end to the measures you can take to protect your teeth from disease and decay, but we’ll stick to the basics for now. Let’s start with brushing. Your baseline should be two minutes of brushing, twice per day. If you hit that mark, you’re already well on your way to a gleaming smile for years to come. Next, let’s talk about flossing and mouthwash. Instead of picking a few of these healthy hygiene habits, it's best if you adopt all of them together. They work best, effectively protecting you from massive dental issues. Flossing should also be performed daily. Pairing it with your brushing is probably best. Mouth washing is where your preferences come into play. There are all types of mouthwashes out there with different flavors and purposes. Perfect Smiles provides our patients with recommended brands and samples so you can put together your ideal oral hygiene plan.

Heart Disease is Linked to Gum Disease

Helping the Moore Community Improve Oral Health

They say your eyes are a window into your body’s overall health. The same can be said for the mouth, particularly your gums. Studies have shown linkages between gum and heart disease caused by certain oral bacteria strains. This bacteria may start in the gums as periodontal inflammation progresses throughout the mouth. Eventually, oral bacteria can cause inflammation elsewhere, the heart being one of the affected organs.