Bad Breath

Bad Breath, Officially Known as Halitosis

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The last thing you want to worry about is turning heads with bad breath. Similar to how gum health is connected to heart health, the quality of your breath is related to the foods you eat. That means changes in one's diet may help to curb their halitosis. The most obvious way to combat bad breath is with correct and consistent dental hygiene, but that might not be enough to halt halitosis in many cases. Dry mouth is another common cause of halitosis because there isn’t enough saliva to clear leftover food debris. These food particles can emit unpleasant odors. You can also see how a lack of proper dental hygiene and a bad diet can become habits that lead to chronic bad breath. So, if you want to take care of your bad breath, make simple changes to your hygiene habits. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to reach out to a Perfect Smiles dentist to discover the root of the problem.