The Earlier You Start, The Healthier You’ll Be

Helping the Moore Community Improve Oral Health

Start Before Teeth Show Up

You don’t have to hold off on oral hygiene for your babies. You can get started right away. Before your baby’s first tooth, you can gently clean their mouth and gums with a soft cloth after feeding. You can begin using an age-appropriate toothbrush once their first few teeth come in. Babies and young children can often develop cavities from sugary foods and formulas.

Ingrain Good Oral Health Habits Early-On

Do you know the most important way to ensure your kids adopt healthy oral hygiene? That’s right, setting the example through your oral hygiene. Children are masters at copying what they see. If they see you practicing healthy habits, they’ll have no choice but to follow right along with you. Other healthy oral habits you should consider cultivating in your children are limiting late-night eating, snacking, drinking, demonstrating a positive attitude towards brushing, flossing, and mouth washing, and teaching them about the dangers of consuming excessive sugar.