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Our Denture Services Have a 95% Satisfaction Rate

Dentures are a fantastic option for patients suffering from missing teeth, speech issues, or failing teeth. Perfect Smiles denture service is patient-friendly and a scientifically proven rehabilitation option. While many other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures can be uncomfortable or invasive, dentures only require a brief visit before getting the smile you’ve dreamed about. Choose to smile again by calling Perfect Smiles Family Dentistry today to schedule your complimentary new patient consultation.

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Enjoy a Natural, Clean, and Bright Smile

Easy to Clean & No Food Restrictions

New Smile Only Takes a Few Visits

Excellent Patient Satisfaction

Two Types of Dentures

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are many tooth replacement options that attach to both the gum line and other natural teeth that hold them firmly in place. Partial dentures are not permanently installed, allowing for easy accessibility for cleaning and sleeping.

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all-natural teeth and are held in place by either an adhesive or suction. Similar to partial dentures, complete dentures are easy to remove and clean.

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Dentures

First and foremost, dentures require daily cleaning (no different than your natural teeth). Many patients don’t realize that plaque and bacteria still accumulate on dentures, even their they’re constructed out of artificial materials. To start cleaning your dentures, run them under a steady stream of water, picking out any food particles that have been left behind. Please note that you should not use regular toothpaste or electric toothbrushes to clean your dentures. Instead, you’ll want to use brushes specifically designed for dentures, along with denture cleaning paste. Once you’ve finished lightly brushing, complete with one final rinse.

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